Beverly Hills Dental Implants

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, often hears from patients worried about their quality of life following tooth loss. This is an understandable fear, as tooth loss can have a negative impact on your daily life and activities including: pain, tooth shifting, changing of your bite and occlusion, inability to eat certain foods, and change in the appearance of your smile by the domino effects of tooth loss.

Because tooth loss can have such an impact, it is important that patients weigh all of their treatment options when choosing a tooth replacement. Dental implants, dentures, and bridges are all options that can affect your overall comfort, quality of life, and appearance.

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, recommends dental implants as a possible great option for his patients that have suffered tooth loss. In his experience, dental implants can greatly improve the quality of life in his patients. They feel and look like natural teeth, and can feel more like biological teeth in your mouth.

Dental implants are inserted directly into the jaw and become a fixed part of your mouth, unlike removable dentures. Dental Implants require sufficient bone, so the dental implant will be stable and last a long time. The bond that forms between the bone and implant offers increased stability and increased function of the implant while keeping the jaw’s contour consistent. Dental implants, placed correctly in sufficient bone, paired with a replacement bridge or denture, should ensure a beautiful, functional smile for years to come.

Overall, dental implants improve a patient’s ability to chew foods they enjoy such as steak, apples, and other tough foods! They also lessen embarrassment often experience by traditional denture patients who take out their denture each night and experience denture slippage.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to tooth loss, while also increasing your overall quality of life, dental implants may be right for you! Contact Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Anthony Mobasser today at 310-550-0383 for a consultation.