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How do my Porcelains look? All top16 teeth. And it’s not Porcelain veneers or lumineers. It is No Prep- Veneers Onlays !

        Looks great ! The  No Prep Onlays procedure is the newest Porcelain restoration procedure that Dr Anthony Mobasser can use to restore the beauty and the bite for you. The beauty of this procedure is no or very minimal drilling to your natural teeth, it is one of the least invasive…

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Can veneers or Crowns be reshaped after placement

Can veneers or Crowns be reshaped after placement?

Dr Anthony Mobasser is an expert in reshaping veneers or crowns. The cosmetic dentist must have an artistic eye to match the smile to the patient face, using Micro Aesthetics and macro Aesthetics technique. The reshaping of the veneer or crowns also depends on what kind of porcelain was used, for example Feldspathic vs Emax…

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Should I get some of my teeth shaved down to improve my appearance? They are crowded, but I don’t want Invisalign (Photo)and the Cost ?

Teeth Reshaping or dental contouring is one of the dental services the cosmetic dentist can provide you. In my opinion we as dentist must always recommend the least invasive procedure possible first, If you as the patient refuse there are alternatives, with pros and cons discussed. Since invisalign can take many months, and you need to…

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3 Options to Close Gaps For Front Teeth

Basically there are 3 options to close the gap for front teeth, and make your teeth, beautiful. Your options and the cost for each option is discussed below: 1-If your teeth are healthy, (no decay, cavity or leaking fillings) the best way to close spaces and gaps for front teeth is Orthodontics, and possibly invialign,…

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Dentist in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Not all people would love to go the dentist. If they do, they want a dentist who can give them utmost care and attention to saving their teeth for the rest of their lives plus detailed enhancements to the cosmetic looks of their smile; and a dentist who can make dental procedures as comfortable for…

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5 Oral Health Issues Seniors Face

Geriatric patients can encounter various medical conditions. Unfortunately, those conditions can effect their their oral health. Senior Oral health can become an issue when they’re on multiple prescription drugs with multiple side effects and possibly experiencing neurological problems as they may find it difficult to brush or floss effectively as they used to. Listed below…

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Dr. Anthony Mobasser: Top Priority is His Happy Patients

Going to the dentist certainly does not have to be a stressful or unpleasant experience. Many people dread it no matter what and this can be made even worse if you do not feel completely comfortable with the dentist you have chosen. You want to select a dentist that is going to do everything possible…

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