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I recently had my first two crowns put on. Are they supposed to move at all and hurt when I have food in between them?

“I went to a dentist in November he did 2 root canals and left it open for 2 months then i came back he shaved them down and sent me home i was in throbbing pain for a week, the office had a 4 day weekend, i went to another dentist they wanted to just…

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Hi Doc, I have had a tooth implant since I was about 16 years due to a football injury. It has recently been falling out. It has a screw in the middle so I am guessing its a screw in. Its not broken or anything but what can be done to put it back in??

See your dentist as soon as possible, preferably the dentist who placed your dental implant, for a thorough evaluation! If the tooth implant is loose, You need to see the oral surgeon, for possible extraction or salvaging the dental implant via surgery and bone graft. If the post ( the abutment) is loose, it can…

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I broke one of my front teeth in half, Why did my dentist drill down my two front teeth into little squares for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers are irreversible procedure, and require preparation of teeth ! I am sure your cosmetic dentist reviewed the pros and cons of having porcelain veneers for your front teeth. Dental veneers require minimal removal of tooth structure so it can be substituted with porcelain, to change to your desired color and shape, as far…

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Who is Really a Good Dentist in Los Angeles, Ca?

Who is the number one dentist in Los Angeles, California? You can perform a Google search. You can even ask your friends or loved ones about a good dentist in Los Angeles they can recommend. Most of them will point you to Dr. Anthony Mobasser. As a top-notch dentist, Dr. Mobasser is known for his…

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