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What to do For Infection or Cavity Under Ceramic Veneer?

There are several reasons there’s an infection under your ceramic veneer. One of them is that the veneer, itself, didn’t fit your tooth perfectly. If there’s a so-called dark stain under it, it could be the result of a micro leakage, meaning bacteria are seeping through the porcelain veneer and your tooth inter phase. Micro…

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What is the Difference Between Cosmetic Dentist and Regular Dentist?

Regular or traditional dentist focuses on the prevention and care of your teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentist, on the other hand, resolves issues about the appearance of your teeth, mouth and smile. Regular dentists can perform cosmetic dentistry procedures, as they don’t specialize in just one area. They’re still highly educated and trained to perform…

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Best Cosmetic Dentist in the World

Specializing in enhancing people’s smiles and lives, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is undoubtedly is considered to be one of the best cosmetic dentist in the world. As the top dental veneer dentist, he’s a believer that attractive smiles can enhance the lives of his every patient. As the dentist of dentists, Dr. Mobasser uses only the…

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When Should You Consider a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is not for every dental patient. Many of us are embarrassed by small chips or stains in our teeth. Others, however, are dealing with bigger dental issues. Unfortunately, these issues can’t be resolved with just one cosmetic dental treatment. If your issues are the result of missing teeth, infection, shifted teeth, bad…

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3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Not all impacted teeth require extraction. However depending on the position of  the impacted tooth or teeth, you might need surgical intervention. It is best you do get a consult by an experienced dentist to guide you. Knowing the signs of having impacted wisdom teeth will let you know whether or not you’ll need professional…

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