Best Veneer Dentist

Best Veneer Dentist

 Veneer Dentist

Finding the best veneer dentist requires careful consideration. But you may ask yourself, “Where do Hollywood celebrities and captains of industry go to when they need cosmetic dentistry treatments?” There’s only one place they go to — The Beverly Hills, Los Angeles dental office of Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

When you visit Dr. Mobasser’s office, you can view the before and after photos of his patients. It is common to see the before and after pictures of celebrities and VIPs from all around the world. Since veneers are about appearance and details, looking at those photos should be considered.

Throughout the decades of practicing in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Mobasser has placed and completed successfully thousands of veneers to his patients. All of them are still enjoying the excellent results a decade after they received this treatment. Veneers could last up to 30 years provided the patients would follow and practice proper oral hygiene. It’s also vital to visit Dr. Mobasser’s office every six months for professional dental cleanings. Dr. Mobasser is willing to stand behind his work. It is a sign that he is proud of the type of quality he is providing to his patients.


How much are dental veneers?

The price of a beautiful veneer can go from $1,200 to $1,800. But it depends on your condition. It is important to remember that Dr. Mobasser commands higher fees than average dentists would offer. But the fees are all worth it considering the results you are getting.


What to expect during your initial consultation?

You must book an appointment first with the best veneer dentist in Hollywood because Dr. Mobasser only accepts patients by appointment. Through your initial consultation, you will know more about his practice. You can discuss with him the things that you like and don’t like about your smile. It will be your opportunity to establish realistic expectations for your dental treatment.


Dr. Mobasser may perform a comprehensive dental examination and inspect your existing dental work. He may also request intramural photographs and radiographs. Then, he will show you your current smile and give you details about what can be changed and how they are altered to give you a stunning smile.


Choosing Dr. Mobasser to place your dental veneers is your best decision because you are selecting a dental professional who can change the overall look of your teeth and smile. With his expertise, he can transform your dull smile into a beautiful, Hollywood-like smile.


To make an appointment, please call his office today at 310-550-0383